Margaret Salazar is a painter whose works are characterized by a playful yet contemplative style.

Salazar recurrently uses motifs such as trees, dresses, princes and princesses, which are given a whimsical treatment and emotional and reflective titles, such as gratitude or joy. Consequently, her work is at once suggestive of the fleetingness of time and the endurance of wisdom.

Salazar studied drawing and engraving at the Central University of Venezuela and the Simón Rodríguez National Experimental University, respectively, as well as studying Political Science at the Ecole d’Etudes Politiques in Paris, France.

She has carried out a wealth of different courses to broaden her skills as an artist, from handmade paper to glasswork.

Salazar’s work has been exhibited for almost thirty years. Her solo exhibitions include shows at Vincent Gallery in Miami and the Galería Díaz Mancini in Caracas, while her long list of group exhibitions spans a number of galleries across Germany and the United States.


1983 Engraving Workshop. Universidad Nacional Experimental Simón Rodríguez. Caracas, Venezuela

1981 Engraving Workshop by Oswaldo Berenzuela. Cristóbal Rojas Institute. Caracas, Venezuela

1978 Ecole d'Etudes Politiques, Certificat d'Etudes Politiques. Paris, France

1974 Illustration Studies directed by Ángel Boscán. Universidad Central de Venezuela. Caracas, Venezuela               



2001 Basic HTML Course

1998- 2001 Paper in the Tridimensional Space: Taller Huella • From Collage to Painting by Corina Briceño

1998-1999 Embracing Contemporary Art, Workshop by Antonio Lazo. Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas

1996 Glass Assembly and Baking. Caracas

1995 Angels in Art. Barbara Brennan Long Island New York

1988 Handmade Paper Course. Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas

1984 Educational Demonstrations of Engraving Techniques in the Graphic Workshop of the Second Biennial of Drawing and Printmaking. La Rinconada Art Museum. Caracas.



2004 Hearts Soma Café Trasnocho Cultural. Caracas, Venezuela

2002 Heaven and Its Wonders Vincent Gallery, Miami Florida, USA.

2000 Dreams Blasini Gallery

1999 Over, Over The Table Díaz Mancini Gallery 

1999 From Everyday News Café Gallery

1998 Games of the Heart Blasini Gallery




Permanent Exhibition, since 2002 Edición Limitada Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela


Spectrum Miami FL, USA

Blueshift Miami FL, USA


Paper XI Blasini Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela

The Gifford Show Miami FL, USA

Frame of Mind Gallery Miami Beach FL, USA


Paper X Galería Blasini. Caracas, Venezuela

United by Art Li Group. Caracas, Venezuela

United by Art Dimaca Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela


Paper IX Blasini Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela

Small Formats Blasini Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela

Collective Millenium Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela

Michael Markus Gallery. Lingen, Alemania


Paper IX Galería Blasini. Caracas, Venezuela

Collective Millenium Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela

Heaven and Its Wonders in Europe GALERIE FAERBER Hamburg-Germany

Gallerie Omán Hannover, Alemania

Paper VIII Blasini Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela

Acción Solidaria Li Group. Caracas, Venezuela

Heaven & Its Wonders in Europe Galería Rosenhauer. Gottingen, Alemania

Second Meeting of Young Artists and Great Masters. Li Group. Caracas, Venezuela


Paper VI Blasini Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela

Acción Solidaria Li Group. Caracas, Venezuela

Paintings and Sculptures Blasini Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela

ART Miami. Miami FL, USA


Paper V Leo Blasini Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela


Paper IV Leo Blasini Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela

First Meeting of Young Artists and Great Masters. Li Group. Caracas, Venezuela

Mirror Mirror Leo Blasini Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela


Paper III Leo Blasini Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela


EPaper II Leo Blasini Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela


Paper Leo Blasini Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela

Collective MG Arte III. Caracas, Venezuela


Collective Leo Blasini Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela


Arte Miró Galería Caracas. Caracas, Venezuela


Arte Miró Galería Caracas. Caracas, Venezuela


Papers Tito Salas Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela


Drawing Biennial. Museo Alejandro Otero, La Rinconada II. Caracas, Venezuela


Casa Rosada, el Bosque. Caracas, Venezuela



2001 Illustration of the book "From the Heart"

2000 Illustration of the book "Here, Now and Always"

1988 Coordination and organization of the exhibition "Papers". Tito Salas Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela

1986 -1991 Cultural Director and Promoter of the Art Exhibitions Hall. La Casa Rosada, Intaglio, Graphic Arts Workshop. Caracas • Painting and Mixed Techniques Courses